City of Santa Rosa Unveils “Cyclisk” Statue

As a joint project between the City of Santa Rosa and Nissan of Santa Rosa, the Cyclisk is intended to promote bicycles, reuse and community within Santa Rosa. Located on Santa Rosa Ave and South A St, this piece of public art is made of over 340 discarded bicycle frames and parts, and stands 60 feet tall!

The piece was built by Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, with funds from Nissan, which is building a $3.7 million dealership in the city. Santa Rosa’s “1% for art” law dictates that 1% of major construction projects be devoted to public art.



One thought on “City of Santa Rosa Unveils “Cyclisk” Statue

  1. I’m no art critic here, but the social commentary is a bit ironic. A car company sponsoring an art project that displays broken bikes is simply a reinforcement of dominant car culture over bike culture. This is why Santa Rosa will forever be a crappy place in which to ride bikes.

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