Save Bicycling & Walking TODAY!

ACT NOW to Save Bicycling and Walking in the Transportation Bill! 

If we don’t act now, dedicated funding for biking and walking programs may be written out of our transportation system for the next six years.

Take 5 minutes today to call or email Senator Boxer.

We need Californians to take action TODAY! We found out late last night that the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee is deciding what goes into the next federal transportation bill today and tomorrow.

Senator Barbara Boxer is the chair of this committee. We need you to get word to her ASAP that we’re counting on her continued support for dedicated funding for biking and walking.

Currently, she is negotiating with other Senators who don’t think bicycling and walking are an important part of the transportation bill, she needs to know we don’t want her to give up on these crucial programs.

It’s simple, use the wording below in your message to Sen. Boxer:

“I am one of your constituents and I think bicycling and walking need to be a part of the transportation bill. Please ensure that Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails programs continue with strong and dedicated funding as they are today.”

Send Sen. Boxer an email HERE.

Calling Sen. Boxer’s office is also extremely effective: (202) 224-3553.

Thank you all for your help. And, please forward this to your friends and family in California. We need a big turnout to make a difference!


4 thoughts on “Save Bicycling & Walking TODAY!

    • you bet! we’ve got a few updates coming soon. thanks for your support in spreading the word on this urgent issue!

  1. Here’s what I wrote:

    Senator Boxer,

    In a time when energy resources at becoming harder to come by, when we are fighting to battle our impacts on the environment, and when it is becoming ever so apparent that we need to shift from driving our cars to other means of transportation, I can not emphasize how important it is that we prioritize bicycle improvement projects to make bicycling as transportation more of a reality in our near future.

    Please do not cut funding for bicycle improvement projects or bicycle education.

    Feel free to add more taxes to my gasoline.

    Dan Kallal

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