Bike Hack: Identity Theft

Sometimes bikes get stolen, and it’s no fun, but sometimes you spot them! In this case, you might have to prove it’s your bike, with this trick it’s easy:

  • Take your seattube off
  • Fill out a piece of paper with you & your bicycle’s information
  • Roll up the piece of paper and place it in the seattube
  • Put your seattube back on
BOOM! Now you’ve added some proof that your bike is actually yours in the case that the police are asking you for identifying features.
NOTE: You can also place the piece of paper inside your handlebars if you wish.
In the unfortunate event that your bike does get stolen, check the ‘Stolen Bikes’ section of our blog here to see how we can help you get it back!

3 thoughts on “Bike Hack: Identity Theft

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  2. Something tells me that the reason a thief wouldn’t give you your bike back MIGHT not be because he can’t verify that you were the original owner…

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