Bike Hack: Cork Barends

Sometimes bartape doesn’t want to stay on securely the way you want it to. Luckily that cork from your previous bottle of wine can come in handy to provide an easy fix!

  • Wrap the bartape as you normally would, stuffing the end of it into your handlebar
  • Use the cork as a plug to keep the tape in place
Got a bike hack you are proud of? We’d love to share it with the world (and will of course give you credit for your idea!).

One thought on “Bike Hack: Cork Barends

  1. Coincidentally, just today I was putting in new handlebar end lights and was confronted with a piece of wine bottle cork I’d wedged in there years ago to hold the tape on. Solution? I went to the kitchen and got a corkscrew, and pulled it right out. The problem? I wanted a glass of wine, but it was noon. Thanks for the hack tip!

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