Fall 2013 Spoken Wheel


2013 has been an incredible year for bicycles on the Central Coast and the growth of the Bicycle Coalition as an organization. This Spoken Wheel, the last of 2013, includes all sorts of goodies for you to peruse:

  • Bikes & Beauty photos
  • What’s new for bicycles countywide
  • Upcoming events
  • A major thank you to all of our large donors
  • …and more!

View it on our website here, or grab a copy from our downtown HQ to flip through it in person!


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2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show

A recap of the annual event, courtesy of one our Coalition members, Matt Pierle:

If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Sacramento Convention Center on March 2nd-4th for the 2012 North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) you missed an exciting gathering. Well represented were custom frame and bike builders as well as accessory manufacturers from the West Coast to the East, from the U.S. and Canada to Italy, the Czech Republic and Japan. The common thread was an emphasis on quality over quantity, and the attention to detail that comes along with craft design and limited production.

NAHBS showcased just about every style of bike you can imagine but particularly well represented were track and road, touring and townie, cargo, tandem, cross country, utility and commuter bikes. Titanium mingled with steel and carbon shared the stage with more ‘traditional’ bike frame materials including hardwood and bamboo. Some builders toyed with lesser used materials including Magnesium.

Suppliers of steel, aluminum and titanium tubes set up next to makers of bike specific production jigs, tools, lugs, dropouts and ‘extras’ like trailers, bottle cages, jerseys and caps.

Bike publications doled out free copies of their magazines (Momentum, Bicycle Times / Dirt Rag, Mountain Flyer) while makers of metal lugs and dropouts exhibited their products in briefcase like hard cases like so much fine jewelry.

All told, this year’s show featured 158 exhibitors and drew over 12,000 attendees, the biggest crowd in the show’s ten year history. This is the third time the show was hosted here in California (it had  a two year run in San Jose in 2006 and 2007).

Seminars were offered on topics ranging from: Bike Building Business Basics to the History and Future of Handmade Bikes and from Fillet brazing to the “Wooden rim renaissance”.

Santa Cruz’s Craig Calfee presented on the Bamboosero, an appropriate technology development project which is spearheading the training of people in Africa to build tough yet refined bamboo framed bikes designed for domestic transportation and cargo use (load of 450 lbs. plus) and also for income through ecological tourism rentals and export sales.

Sacramento was a great venue for this year NAHBS which just happened to coincide with a Beer festival. The show’s “ARTBIKE!” events included: live music, local grub and brews, bike parades and other delicious bike fun.

By far one of the collect bikes at the show, which picked up an award for Best Experimental Design Bike was the super big wheel (32 inch!) mountain bike displayed by Black Sheep Fabrications.

photo credit: davidfolch.com

Rookie Builder of the Year bragging rights went to: Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks in Santa Barbara.

photo credit: cycling news

Best of Show honors went to the über sleek “Cherubim” bike by Shin-Ichi Konno.

photo credit: bicycling magazine

Other award categories included Best of for categories including: Road, Track, Tandem, Cyclocross, City Bike, Mountain, Carbon Fiber construction, Steel construction, Titanium construction, Lugged frame, TIG welded frame, fillet brazed frame as well as Best New Builder, Best Finish, People’s Choice, President’s Choice (the President is none other than Bike Builder and NAHBS Founder Don Walker).

See the complete list of 2012’s “Best Of” Winners.

As with every NAHBS this year’s show was flush with fine finishes, smoothly curving racks, tightly sewn bags, classy cycling wear, and over the course of three days thousands of wide eyed and sometimes drooling Bike fanatics.

In case you’re wondering…next year’s show is on tap for Denver, Colorado. Dates TBD.

All photos by Matt Pierle, unless otherwise noted. Matt Pierle is a cyclist from the Great Lakes region lucky enough to be attending bike related events and cycling around the west coast this winter. He can be reached at mattpierle@gmail.com or on Skype at the handle: bikelove.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, send an email to leslie@slobikelane.org , we’d love to showcase your words, pictures, videos, on bicycles!

Winter 2012 Spoken Wheel

The newest Spoken Wheel newsletter just dropped… hot off the presses! Find it in your mailbox (members only!), online, or at a local coffee shop.

Inside you’ll find our latest annual report, program updates, happenings, a puzzle, ‘know your rights’ column, and much more! View it online here.

Bicyclist Accident Report

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how difficult it catch your bearings and get the information of everyone involved. Luckily, Josh Zisson has thought about this, and created the Bicyclist Accident Report.

Carrying one of these little guys with you lets you easily get the basic information you need to get compensated for medical costs associated with your accident/collision. On the back they have included the laws that apply to bicycles as well.

They are specific to New York, where Zisson is from, but the idea is fantastic. Here at the SLO County Bicycle Coalition, we’ve adopted a similar idea and included steps on what to do if you’re in a crash on the back of our member cards.

Don’t have a membership card? Do you want one? Become a member and support THE voice for bicycles in SLO County!

Coalition Jersey Sale!

Our friends at Voler Team Apparel are having a sale on our jerseys! A significant portion of your purchase goes towards the Coalition so we can continue to provide our communities with the advocacy, programs and encouragement they need to choose bicycles for transportation and recreation.


There are women’s jerseys available as well, get ’em while the sale continues!

Bike Hanger

Check out this awesome concept project from Manifesto Architecture, based in New York. It’s a vertical bicycle parking system, intended to be used in spaces where space above the sidewalk is under-utilized.

The users pedal the bicycle on the bottom to rotate the hanger until their bicycle is ‘delivered’ to them on the ground level. Genius! We’d love to see one of these in action… maybe one day.

Louis Vuitton X Bike Polo?

Our local Bike Polo scene has steadily been growing recently, with open games happening multiple times a week in SLO, all are welcome!

Catching onto the rising sport, Louis Vuitton just designed a series of Bike Polo gear. No word on the cost, but we can imagine that it’s a lot more than the makeshift mallets used elsewhere.

In case you haven’t seen Bike Polo in person, it’s fun, it’s simple, and great to watch!

Bike Hack: DIY Bike Light

When it’s dark outside, riding without a white front light can get you a ticket, but more importantly, it’s super dangerous. Sometimes cars aren’t looking for bicycles on the road, so when you are riding without a light at night, it makes it even harder for them to notice you.

Bike-specific lights aren’t necessary to accomplish this (although they are nice and can be found in the Bike Kitchen) you can use an existing smaller flashlight you might have lying around.

  • Find a smaller flashlight that works and isn’t too large to put on your handlebars (don’t prevent yourself from braking or turning)
  • Using an old intertube, cut two small circles in it, about 3 inches apart
  • Stretch the intertube under your handlebars and place the flashlight in the holes
  • Make sure the flashlight is held on tight and will face forward while riding
Being visible while riding at night is extremely important to avoid collisions with cars, other bicyclists, pedestrians and inanimate objects.

NYC Bike Share Crowdsourcing

Perhaps one of the best parts of the newly announced New York City bike share system is the way they are using crowdsourcing to make it serve the public as best as possible. You can go onto the NYDOT website, and suggest a place you would like to see a bike station, allowing them to then be voted on, creating a bike share program supported by the people who will use it!

New York’s announcement included the specifics of a system with 10,000 bicycles and 600 stations (!)… so start planning your trip to New York to check it out next year.

Designing a system that’s big enough is key to it’s success. If there aren’t enough stations or bikes, it’s not easy enough for people to pick up and drop off bikes. In it’s first year, Capital Bikeshare (in Washington DC) far exceeded the expectations, reaching 1,000,000 rides!

With over 1,100 bicycles at 110 stations, and 18,000 registered users (you don’t need to be registered to use it), it’s currently the largest in the country, soon to be outdone by New York. The Coalition used it as our main form of transportation when we were at the National Bike Summit in March, and it was amazing!