Buy a Bicycle in November: Get a Membership!


We’ve partnered with our friends at Foothill Cyclery for a Fall membership drive! During these two months, purchase any road / hybrid / commuter at select price points and receive a free SLO County Bicycle Coalition membership to support local bicycle advocacy. If you are already a member, then Foothill will simply make a donation to the Bicycle Coalition on your behalf.

With this unique partnership, we can increase awareness of the Bicycle Coalition and Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB), two fantastic groups, who do amazing things for bicycle riders in our county. Help us spread the word and make this a major success!


Celebrate Bike Month with $10 Off!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 1.32.07 PMWe are halfway through with May’s Bike Month and our Bikes & Beauty Fashion Show is just around the corner!
To celebrate, we are offering $10.00 off memberships until Sunday May 19th at noon by using coupon code BIKEMONTH on the special form below.


By joining today you will promptly receive your membership packet in the mail – complete with an exclusive invitation to the Bikes & Beauty Fashion Show on June 1st. Have your friends join as well to be a part of the fun at this unique and creative event!

Note: We’re sorry, this coupon code is no longer valid.

The coupon code may have expired, but your Bicycle Coalition is still out there doing goo in our communities everyday! Join online here for your invite to Bikes & Beauty!

Year of the Bicycle Coalition Member

At Bicycle Coalition HQ, we have affectionately dubbed 2012 the Year of the Bicycle Coalition Member. The reasons are endless, but a few things stick out from the rest:

  • We have more members than ever (750+ individuals & 40+ businesses)
  • We hosted our first General Meeting in 2012
  • We hosted the inaugural Members Only Party* in September 2012
  • More and more people are out on bicycles every day in SLO County!


In reflecting on 2012 one thing remains clear; the Bicycle Coalition family is growing and everyone is feeling it! Everything we do is for our members. We loved getting everyone together through our new events, to share our vision for the organization and celebrate our collective love for bicycles and the quality of life in SLO County that we cherish dearly.

Yet the Year of the Bicycle Coalition Member goes well beyond our events. Everywhere we went, we met people who just became members, all were energized and proud to be a part of our rapidly growing organization. We welcome these newcomers to the Bicycle Coalition family and can’t wait to see them at upcoming events, out on their bicycles, and sharing the community-minded vision of the Bicycle Coalition for years to come.

If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time!

We are THE voice for bicycles in SLO County, our numbers our growing, and we’d love to have you become a part of our vision for a more bicycle friendly community.

*Our next Members Only Party is set for June 1, 2013 – and it’s a bicycle fashion show!

2012: A Landmark Year for Bicycles

The following is a letter from our Executive Director, Dan Rivoire, originally published in our Winter 2013 Spoken Wheel newsletter. As we are approaching a beautiful spring season, full of bicycle fun and events countywide, we are reminded of our ambition, innovation and commitment to make SLO County a great place for bicycles – and it’s all possible because of our dues paying members, volunteers and donations from community members like you!


In January 2010 the Bicycle Coalition quietly launched a campaign designed to respond to the question: “what does the Coalition actually do?” Our goal was to make it painstakingly clear that we work extremely hard to achieve the mission laid out by our founders; to improve the quality of life in San Luis Obispo County through bicycling advocacy, education, and inspiration. Our strategy revolved around creating strong programs with tangible benefit to the community while improving communications across the board. In order to succeed, we needed to get the respect of the bicycle riding public while capturing the attention of everyone else in the Central Coast. 

“Our goal was to make it painstakingly clear that we work extremely hard to achieve the mission laid out by our founders; to improve the quality of life in San Luis Obispo County through bicycling advocacy, education, and inspiration.”

Three years have passed since we took the first step towards accomplishing our goal and moved into our headquarters at the corner of Morro and Pacific in downtown San Luis Obispo. With the move we brought on the most ambitious addition to our empowerment focused programs while giving the community an image to visualize every time they think of the Bicycle Coalition. Becoming established at our prominent home on the Bill Roalman bike boulevard has been transformational. It is no mistake that 2012 was the strongest year on record for the Bicycle Coalition.


These three years have built upon the foundation laid by the staff, board, volunteers, and members during our creation in 2001. The foundation is not subsidized bicycles, valet parking, education, or advocacy efforts; it is the understanding that residents are driven by their desire to make San Luis Obispo County an incredible place live, work, and play. Our success is connected directly to the fact that every effort of the Bicycle Coalition relates to that foundation.

Recently, while reflecting on the three years spent in our headquarters, I caught myself thinking, “where has all the time gone?” Before I could blink, a list of epic proportions began to accumulate in my mind. Approved bike plans in every jurisdiction in the County, new active transportation infrastructure projects constructed, increased state and federal funding for active transportation projects, incredible impact through our four programs, and membership numbers growing at lightening speed. Emphasizing direct service and communication has resulted in the best financial position in our history.

“All of this hard work has primed the Bicycle Coalition for incredible growth. We dream of a Central Coast connected by regional paths, filled with bike lanes, and engaged by unbelievable community events. We believe that the Bicycle Coalition will become the strongest voice for community well being on the Central Coast.”

All of this hard work has primed the Bicycle Coalition for incredible growth. We dream of a Central Coast connected by regional paths, filled with bike lanes, and engaged by unbelievable community events. We believe that the Bicycle Coalition will become the strongest voice for community well being on the Central Coast. We will positively contribute to our community in the context of education, health, transportation, culture, and economy. Your support is the reason we exist and the reason we grow. Our gratitude is endless yet we know that your continued investment will best advance our cause. We ask you to look towards the horizon, realize our potential, and put your passion into action. 2013 should put 2012 to shame!

Dan_outofthesaddleBW05See you in the Bike Lane,

Dan Rivoire, Executive Director

Bikes & Beauty: The Bicycle Coalition Members Only Party



We cannot wait for June to celebrate the end of Bike Month and all of our wonderful members! Last year’s event was our first ever Members Only Party – and it was a blast – this year we are having a FULL BLOWN FASHION SHOW as the entertainment for the evening.

Saturday June 1, 2013
6:00 – 10:00 pm

Venue TBD

If you are interested in being involved in the fashion show, check out our call for entries document.

If your business or employer is interested in being involved (get your logo on our koozies!) share our sponsorship document with them.

Valentine’s Day Special!


We’re offering $10 off memberships for Valentine’s Day today! It’s our way of spreading the love to everyone who would like to join the Bicycle Coalition and support our successful efforts to make SLO County a great place for bicycles.

Find the special online form here (or embedded below), use coupon code “bicyclelove” for the discount!

Better hurry – this offer expires at 11:45 PST on February 14, 2013!

2012 Bicycle Coalition Survey

It’s that time of the year… the time where the Bicycle Coalition reflects on the major accomplishments of 2012 and looks to the future for what 2013 has in store! We’d love your feedback as we move forward.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a member, volunteer, ride bikes, are afraid of heights, or enjoy anchovies, EVERYONE is welcome to take our survey. Thanks in advance for your help and support, we can’t wait for 2013 and the amazing things we have to look forward to.

2012 Election Questionnaires

The Bicycle Coalition sent the following questions to all candidates running for office throughout the Central Coast:
  1. In your opinion, how do biking and walking fit into the transportation system in your community/district?
  2. Would you like to increase or decrease the number of people biking and walking for transportation and recreation in your community/district, why?
  3. What steps would you take to increase or decrease the number of people biking and walking for transportation and recreation in your community/district?
  4. What specific accomplishments/qualifications demonstrate your capacity to improve the transportation system in your community/district?
  5. What else should members of the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition know about you before going to the polls?

All questionnaires returned to the Bicycle Coalition can be viewed/downloaded as a pdf, sorted by jurisdiction by clicking here. (Simply click on the right hand column to view the answers from any given candidate)

The SLO County Bicycle Coalition does not and has not endorsed any candidate running for office.

The information contained in this pdf is intended for informational purposes only.

$10 Off Memberships Today!

We are so excited for this Friday’s Bikes & Beauty party, we are offering $10 off memberships just for today*! The only way to join in on the fun Friday night is to be a current member of the Bicycle Coalition. Luckily, we’ve got a special deal, to make it even easier:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Enter coupon code members2012
  3. Get $10 off!

In addition to great food, beer, wine and music… There will be a Snap Cubby photobooth, the Arkeg, and a special curated digital fashion show! The show will feature some of the best videos from amazing designers who have included bicycles in their beautiful videos. You can see a bit of what’s in store in our trailer video here.

WHEN: Friday September 28, 6:30 – 10:00 pm
WHERE: SLO Grange Hall, 2880 Broad St (map)
HOW: $5 door entry, great deals on food & drinks!

Got questions? We have answers online here.

This event is all for our members, it’s our way of thanking them for their continued support and incredible enthusiasm for bicycles in SLO County and beyond. In addition to an invitation to the Bikes & Beauty party, your membership comes with other Bicycle Coalition member perks, including 4 free visits to the Bike Kitchen, 25% off our t-shirts, and more!

*Offer ends at 11:00 pm PST on Wednesday September 26, 2012

5% Day Raises Over $2,500!

Paula Sigman [Bicycle Coalition Board Member] Dan Rivoire [Bicycle Coalition Executive Director] Dusty Colyman [New Frontiers]

Special thanks to all of you who did some shopping at New Frontiers last Wednesday, through their 5% day we were able to raise a whopping $2,900 for the Bicycle Coalition!!!

Bike Month continues… and we appreciate everyones support and excitement about bicycles in SLO County!

10th Annual St Patty’s Potluck!

Everyone is welcome as we celebrate the Coalition and kick-off St Patrick’s Day weekend! Last year’s potluck was a blast, and 2012’s will be the biggest yet.

Not sure what to bring for the potluck? Flip a coin…
Heads // bring a main dish
Tails // bring an appetizer or dessert
Don’t have a coin? // Bring a beverage to share!

We have some great prizes again, including our SUPER PRIZES:
– a private tour & tasting at Tolosa Winery for 10 people
– an entire weekend with the Arkeg!

The event is open to everyone, with a $10 entry (100% of which goes to benefit the Coalition), including a free raffle ticket (Coalition members get two free raffle tickets with their membership card)


WHAT: 10th Annual St Patty’s Potluck Fundraiser
WHEN: Friday, March 16th, 6:00 – 9:30 pm
WHERE: SLO Senior Center, 1445 Santa Rosa St, SLO (map)
WHY: All proceeds from the event going towards the Coalition! We have raffle prizes, a pub style quiz, and plenty of food & drink for all. The more the merrier as we kick-off St Patty’s weekend.

2012 General Meeting

Mark your calendars for our first ever General Meeting. We’ll present our 2011 Annual Report, share the incredible things we accomplished last year, what we have planned for 2012, introduce our new board members, and a few surprises too!

This is a great opportunity to meet other Coalition supporters, bring a friend to introduce them to our wonderful bicycle community, learn what we’ve been up to, and hear updates on what’s ahead.

When: Wednesday February 22, 7:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: SLO Public Library, Community Room, 995 Palm Street, SLO (map)

We hope to see you there, it’s going to be a great venue to share how much we accomplished last year, and the momentum we have going into 2012 to make it even better!

Anyone & everyone is welcome to join us, the more the merrier as we share what the Coalition does to make SLO County even better for bicycles. Find further details and invite others on our Facebook page here.

Know the Board: Chris

What do you do to pay the bills? I’m recently retired from almost 50 years in Information Technology, the last 10 being at Cal Poly.

What kind of riding do you do? How often? My riding is mostly recreational at this time, usually three times a week. I used to commute occasionally by bike to Cal Poly. I ride mostly  with my wife and we participate in San Luis Obispo Bicycle group rides. We ride recumbents, solo and tandem. We sold our road bikes in 1994, but have some mountain bikes we ride a couple of times a year.

What do you think the most important thing the Coalition has done in SLO County? I think the most important role of the Coalition has been their advocacy with local government and other organizations to improve the streets, bike paths and riding conditions for everyone in the county, and for the associated increased awareness of cycling and walking that now exists within our community.

What advice do you have to encourage others to get on their bicycles? Just do it! Stop procrastinating, dust off the bike and get out and ride, we live in a beautiful part of the country, so get out and enjoy it.

What’s your favorite thing about bicycles? Their simplicity, mechanical efficiency and freedom they provide. Riding a bike is as close as we can get to the freedom of a bird, but on the ground.

Describe your favorite bicycle memory… My father was teaching me to ride when I was about 5 or 6 years old. We’d go the local park and I’d keep trying to balance, but didn’t really progress very much. Until one day, when I “got it”. I rode round and round on the grass, until I hit a tree root and fell over. The metaphorical light bulb came on and I then understood the personal freedom that a bicycle provides and how easy and enjoyable it is to get around without relying on other people or motorized transportation.

If you had a name for your favorite bicycle, what would it be? My wife and I don’t usually name our bikes, but we do occasionally refer to our recumbent tandem as “The Beast”. While it was built specifically for racing, it is nevertheless a lot heavier and less agile than our solo bikes

Anything else you want to share?  My major interest lies in all forms of human powered transportation – including submarines and boats, land vehicles, helicopters and airplanes, not just bicycles. I’d also like to emphasize how easy it is to just get out and ride. It’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the scenery.