the spoken wheel

Our quarterly publication to highlight anything and everything bicycle related in SLO County, the Spoken Wheel is full of information regarding advocacy and events for bicycles. As part of the Coalitions mission, we aim to provide residents countywide with a voice, a voice for better bicycling.

You can view the latest Spoken Wheel on our website here, using the embedded Issuu viewer you can flip through all the pages.



2 thoughts on “the spoken wheel

  1. I’m currently a Cuesta College student, and recently I helped organize a bicycling club on campus, “Concerned Student Cyclists”, in efforts to help make traffic law (and safety), trail maintenance, and to advocate using your bicycle as an alternative form of transportation. I’ll be at the Sustainability Fair April 6th, on the SLO campus. We are trying to make our efforts known more so around campus and are aiming at meeting about once per month on campus.

    • Adam,
      Feel free to contact us if you want to reach out to the Cuesta campus, I know a lot of students ride their bikes around town for transport, and the Coalition is here to support them!
      Thanks for checking out our site, tell your friends.

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